COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Hello Rock Fans!

First off,  all of us at Rock Century hope this message finds you safe and healthy.   We have been amazed by the outpouring of support for our company and for our employees over the past few weeks.

Currently, our store is open and we are shipping orders.  We expect that we may see slight processing and some significant shipping delays to certain regions.   


  Below is a short summary of some of the internal and external factors that are (or may) affect this:

Manufacturer Closures - We are seeing some of our manufacturers closing voluntarily or due to local legislation.  This means that will may not be able to restock merchandise as we typically do.  With that said, we still have adequate stock to ship 100's of additional orders.

International Shipping Delays - We are seeing entire countries being "closed for import" by our logistics partners.  We are also seeing delays of up to an additional 30-45 days for delivery to some locations (due to logistics backups and distribution center or post office closures).Our international shipments are shipped via DHL E-commerce services. We will not be offering refunds or credits for lost or delayed packages that have been scanned as received by DHL ecommerce less than 60 days from shipment.

Rock Century Team Safety - We're protecting our team by following restrictions and CDC recommendations.  When applicable, we are isolating warehouse employee work spaces,  increasing warehouse sanitation and implementing additional partner shipment agreements. Most Rock Century employees are working remotely and have not been in our warehouse locations weeks.  We expect this to continue.